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The APUA Team

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The APUA Team

As a statutory body, APUA is given oversight by the Minister Responsible for Public Utilities, the Hon. Robin Yearwood. Following the Honorable minister is the Board of Commissioners which is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Mr. Luther Lee – Board Chairman
  •  Mr. Hugh Marshall Snr – Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Arthur G. B. Thomas
  • Ms. Petra Williams
  • Ms. Sanjoy Dowdy
  • Mr. Bertsfield Smithen
  •  Mr. Dwayne Edwards
  • Sir. McLean Emmanuel
  •  Mr. Andy McDonald
  •  Ms. Deannie Prince
  • Mr. Purcell Bird

The Authority is run under the direct oversight of the Management Team:

  • Esworth Martin, General Manager
  • Andre Matthias, Electricity Manager
  • Rodney Simon, Human Resource Manager
  • Hastin Barnes, Planning Standards & Customer Service (PSCS) Manager
  • Vaughn Brown, Telecommunications Manager
  • Ivan Rodrigues, Water Manager
  • Roger Tonge, Financial Controller

With a staff count of almost 800, Middle Management plays an important role in ensuring that processes run smoothly. APUA’s middle management is made up of Controllers, Engineers, Coordinators, Officers, Accountants, Chemists, Superintendents and Supervisors.