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APUA Employee Identification


As an organization responsible for servicing a large percentage of the nation’s households APUA would like to remind consumers to be mindful of any APUA employee requesting permission to enter their premises. Customers have a right to and should request to see the company issued photo ID of any employee requiring access. The employee’s ID is mainly white and made of the same material as an ATM card. Each photo ID lists the following information; name, employee number, division, position, expiry date, GM signature. The top half of the ID is coloured to represent the Business Unit and the back will contain the employee’s personal details.  Residents have the right to refuse entry to any employee who is not clad in the newly branded grey uniform with the relevant identification.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                         2nd February 2013

For more information:

Ivan Rodrigues, General Manager (Ag)




Island Wide Power Outage – 1st February 2013


The Antigua Public Utilities Authority would like to provide an update as to the circumstances surrounding the island-wide outage experienced on the evening of Friday 1st February 2013 and its impact:

At approximately 7:30 pm, a section of the 69 KV transmission line failed, causing an island-wide shut down of the electrical grid. The line is proximate to the Crabbs Substation. On discovery of the fault, the affected section was isolated and the Electricity Business Unit commenced re-energizing the system. This process returned power within 30 minutes to some consumers, and the entire system was restored within 1 hour and 30 minutes. APUA service crews have already commenced repairing the lines; however to execute this work, the Crabbs substation will have to be taken off line; this will affect the power supply to business located at the Crabbs Peninsula. This will also affect the Water Business Unit’s pumping operation at Crabbs, which currently provides 60% of the island’s water supply. As a result consumers in the following areas will be affected:


  • Parham
  • Fitches Creek
  • Piggotts
  • Potters
  • Cassada Gardens
  • Sutherlands
  • Dry Hill
  • Upper & Lower Gambles
  • Fort Road
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Anchorage Road
  • McKinnon’s
  • Cedar Grove
  • Hodges Bay
  • Coolidge


Water service to these areas should be restored by 6:00 pm this evening.


The Authority apologises for any inconvenience caused.