Procurement Notice – Barbuda Energy Resilience Project

Pre-qualification of Contractors for the Supply and Installation of an Underground Electrical Network

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority is the Executing Agency for the Project, and the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the overall implementation of the project.  A Project Management Unit (PMU) has been established to coordinate the various activities within the Project.  The PMU intends to prequalify contractors for “The Supply and Installation of an Underground Electrical Network” (ICB No.: 73597-W-12) a contract to deliver the following:

  • Trenching of existing roadways to install new power duct banks and conductors. Reinstatement of roadway surfaces.
  • Removal and disposal of existing road surfaces.
  • Removal of existing utility power poles.
  • Concrete formwork, conduit placement, rebar, and pouring.
  • Supply and Installation of electrical ducts in trenches and on new and existing utility poles
  • Installation of pad mounted equipment foundations.
  • Supply and installation of power transformers, reclosers, fuses and fuse holders, insulators, electrical enclosures, and other utility power related equipment.
  • Reinstatement of roadway surfaces.
  • Develop Environmental and Social Management plan per Employer’s guidelines.

It is expected that Invitations for Bids will be issued in December 2021.