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Landline Commercial Services

In addition to custom calling features and class features, we also offer the following services suited to the needs of our business customers:

PABX and Key System

APUA offers a large variety of PABX & Key systems aimed toward satisfying your business requirements. We provide connectivity to our network switch via analogue, digital or IP trunks.


This is available to all customers, providing an alternative to PABX equipment at the customer premises. Customers are provided with Direct Inward and Outward dialing of local and overseas calls. To offer more flexibility, IP Centrex will soon be available.

 Flexible Data Services

Flexible bandwidth services of up to 1GB are offered. Typical applications supported include, interconnecting Local Area Networks, ATM machines and Broadcast Services.

Voicemail Services:

Features include Fax Memo, Pager Messaging and Message Delivery.