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Certified Solar PV Installers

The following persons are recognized by APUA as certified Solar PV Installers. Installers not on this list are not approved to install systems. If you are a certified installer please email your credentials to APUA’s Renewable Energy Engineer Mr. Winston Whyte:

Cleveland Allen

Anthony Benjamin

Franz Bigler

Amarah Christian

Tesfa Francis

Andrew George

Cesil Gonsalves- Barriero

Gary Gore

Patrick Henry

Jace Irish

Alfredo Jack

Daryl Jackson

Amory Joseph

Gavin Marsh

Francis Nunes

Angelo Parisi

Alexander Raeburn

Patmore Richards

Eustace Simon

Alex Spencer

B.C Trevor Spencer

Oliver Wollard

Peter Derrick

Randall Pyle

Mateo Marzi

Girvan Pigott

Lyndon Francis

Alphor Halbrough

Bruce Francis

Vaughn Browne

Darren Derrick

Solar Watts Systems Inc

PV Energy Ltd

Stanley Barreto