Understanding Your Bill

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  1. Type – This indicates the type of reading that was done. It will either say actual or estimated. Estimated indicates that the meter was not accessible and that the average usage was calculated.
  2. Present– The current meter reading.
  3. Previous– The last reading from the month before.
  4. Difference– This is the figure obtained by subtracting the present reading from the previous reading. This is your usage for the period billed.
  5. Fuel Variation– The fuel charge calculated based on the price of oil. For every ten cent increase or decrease in the cost per imperial gallon of fuel purchased, APUA increases or decreases the cost per kilowatt hour by one cent. Your usage is multiplied by the current rate. If your billing cycle carried into a new month and the rate has changed that part of your usage will be billed the new rate.
  6. Electric Kwh Charge– The Electric Kwh Charge also known as the tariff is the charge associated with producing energy minus the fuel. Residential households are charged 40 cents per unit for the first 300 kwh they use. Any use above 300 kwh is charged at 38 cents per unit. That is why there is sometimes a second line with an electric kwh charge.