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Ffryes Beach Reverse Osmosis Plant

APUA, with funding from the ALBA Grant sponsored by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela commissioned their Ffryes Beach Reverse Osmosis Plant on the 30th of November. The plant will service the communities in the southern portion of the island with water. On average APUA has to produce six million gallons of water to meet the
needs of their customers. The Ffryes Beach plant will assist in maintaining a constant supply of water year round, especially during the drought season.

A Reverse Osmosis plant removes the salt from seawater by pushing the water through semi permeable membranes which separate the salt from the water.
Currently the plant can produce 600,000 imperial gallons a day. This new welcomed addition to the APUA Water business unit will help prevent water rationing during a drought. The ALBA Grant has also facilitated the replacement of more than 75% of the transmission pipes around the island. Changing the pipes to PVC improves the quality and service of water delivered to Antiguan homes. The citizens of Antigua and Barbuda can continue to look forward to many more improvements to the service and quality of the water they receive daily.