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Frequently Asked Questions

1)      Will the internet be transmitted through the cable box?

A – No, this bundle just offers you the chance to receive savings by pairing all three services under one account.

2)       How does a customer sign up for this service?

A-     Customers can go to any CTV or APUA outlet and fill out a registration form.

3)      How will customer be billed for this bundle?

A –Customers will receive a bill monthly from APUA, which can be emailed.

4)      What is the disconnection policy?

A – Disconnections take place every 45 days. You will be adequately notified at least 15 days before.

5)      Are the phone calls unlimited?

A-No, customers will have approximately 600-1200 minutes per month, plus call waiting, call conferencing, call forwarding, voicemail and caller ID.

6)      What happens if customer goes over allotted minutes?

A- Excess usage will be billed at the regular rate.

7)      Can customers have additional cable boxes?

A-     Yes, on the bundle the first three boxes are installed for free. However additional boxes will be charged an additional rental fee

8)      How are customers on the 2 year inet contract treated?

A-     When signing unto the bundle the 2 year contract will be considered null and void. The inet cost on the bundle is actually less than the 20% discount that 2 year contract customers were receiving.

9)      What are the payment options?

A-     Check drop box at APUA and CTV locations, online banking or in person at either location.

10)   What is the number for faults?
A- 611

11)   How fast are the internet speeds provided?

A-     1MB is a high speed service great for sharing large files, downloading and fast surfing.
1.5 Mb- is great for downloading and uploading files
2MB- is sufficient for persons who use the internet to stream videos and operate multiple activities at once.

12)   What will be the rate for overseas calls?
A- This only includes local calls.

13)   What cable package will come with this? How many channels?
A- The packages comes with 140 channels. If you would like to purchase the sports package it will be an additional $20.70 and an additional adult channel package will be $41.40

14)   Will there be any additional discounts for on time bill payments?

A-     Unfortunately no, these bundles are already deeply discounted.

15)    Will there be any hidden fees?
A- The prices quoted already include ABST. The only additional costs that can be incurred are from adding extra packages and going over the allotted phone minutes.