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HSW Committee

The Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW) Working Committee is a competent, dedicated, multi disciplinary team of APUA Middle Managers. This team meets to plan, implement, and monitor a proactive, systematic and holistic Health Safety and Wellness Program for APUA.
The safety and good health of APUA workers is one of the company’s major priorities. To this end management has offered its full support to the HSW Working Committee and has empowered it with the resources necessary to build a fully functional system governed by sound policies, as well as the authority to enforce these policies.
Under the leadership of the Health, Safety and Wellness Officer, Olson Joseph the team carries the following objectives:
• To promote a high standard health and safety culture throughout the APUA through the drafting, implementation and continual improvement of a proactive, holistic and systematic health and safety programme;
• To collaborate with the senior management team to ensure that as far as is reasonably practicable all conditions of work throughout the APUA are safe;
• To assist in the education and facilitation of staff in order to ensure that safe work practices are employed at all times;
• To collaborate with the senior management team to draft regulations that are intended to serve as disincentives to members of staff acting contrary to standard health and safety practices;
• To assist middle managers in ensuring that employees under their charge comply with health and safety regulations;