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Net Billing

(Net-Billing Setup for systems up to 5KW)

Consumers who have renewable energy systems up to 5KW will have a bidirectional meter installed onto their property. The meter will measure the power coming into the property from APUA and also, the excess power sent to the APUA grid by the renewable energy system. The customer is billed, in accordance with published tariff schedule in effect, for the power consumed from APUA. The customer is also credited for the energy exported to APUA based on the avoided fuel cost. The avoided fuel cost, accounts for the cost of fuel that APUA would have used to produce the equivalent amount of energy.

(Net- Billing Set Up for systems 5KW or more)

Customers who have systems in excess of 5KW will be governed under the ‘Buy all, sell all’ net billing system. The Customer pays the Utility, at the published tariff rate, for all of the power consumed. The energy produced by the renewable energy system is then credited to the customer at the avoided fuel cost.