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New Converged Billing System

On June 1st, APUA activated its new converged billing system for our telecommunications consumers. Customers holding inet and telephone (referred to as wireline in the new bill) accounts will now have their accounts merged and billed together. This means that payments made will be credited to the converged account, and not to an individual service. inet mobile customers desirous of adding their post-paid mobile account to their converged bill also have the option to do so. The great news about this system is that it now provides on demand billing, so that if you need to receive your bill before the end of the month, you can request it. The system also allows for real time transactions therefore your payments/credits will be reflected on your account as soon as you pay. E-billing is a new option for customers who would like to receive their bills instantly. No more waiting for your bill in the mail, and you can help us save paper by signing up for e-billing and opting out of a printed bill. When you visit APUA, be sure to ask the Customer Service Representative to update your account to include your email address so that you may benefit from this service. This new system also supports automated reconnections and disconnections. As a reminder, customers with outstanding balances will receive a text or email notification prior to disconnection. In the future consumers can look forward to great bundling discounts as we roll out our new products and services. For further information please feel free to call our Customer Service department at 480- 7150/7777 .