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New Uniforms and ID’s

The most excited part of rebranding is change. APUA would like to introduce another new component of its rebranding exercise, new staff uniforms. The first phase of new uniforms was issued to our technical and field staff. The new uniform as pictured below comprises of a grey button down short-sleeve shirt with an embroidered Business Unit logo on the left breast with dark grey cargo pants. Supervisors wear a long-sleeve version of these shirts.

The logo on the shirt will verify the Business Unit that the employee is representing.

Male short sleeve uniform

The staff have also been issued new APUA Photo ID’s as seen below. The employee’s ID is mainly white and made of the same material as an ATM card. Each ID lists the following information; name, employee number, division, position, expiry date, GM signature. The top half of the ID is coloured to represent the Business Unit and the back will contain the employee’s personal details.

As a valued customer of APUA please always feel entitled to request to see the ID of any employee who is seeking to enter your property.

Example of Electricity Business Unit ID card