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Press Releases

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Islandwide Outage – March 19th, 2017


Islandwide Outage – August 24th

Barbuda Reverse Osmosis Plant Update

Pigeon Point Reverse Osmosis Plant Update


Drought and Water Provision in Antigua (media kit) – 17th August, 2015

English Harbour Reverse Osmosis Plant – 30th June, 2015

Interconnection Policy Reminder-  1st June, 2015

Islandwide Outage- 18th May, 2015

Meter Reading Advisory – 14th May, 2015

Interconnection Policy Change- 12th March, 2015

New Electricity Business Unit Manager Appointed- 27th February, 2015

Reduction in Fuel Variation- 24th February, 2015

High St Branch Renovations- 19th February, 2015


Copper Line Theft – 27th August, 2014

Utility Relief Program Update – 28th July, 2014

Utility Relief Program – 25th June, 2014

APUA Disconnection Policy- 6th June, 2014

Tampering with Electricity Service – 8th May, 2014

Unauthorised Dredging of Parham Harbour – 9th April 2014

Removal of Items from Utility Poles- 20th March, 2014

 Well Field Vandalism- 26th February, 2014

Water Business Unit Press Statement- 17th January, 2014







APUA Opens Satellite Centre- 18th February, 2013

Water Treatment & Distribution Operators Certification- 25th February,2013

Water Provision in Antigua- 18th March, 2013

APUA Water Police- 22nd March, 2013

Consultation on Water in the Post 2015 Development Agenda- 10th April, 2013

 APUA Business Center Opening- 8th May, 2013

Scrap Metal Theft- 16th May, 2013

Caribbean Water Operators Confer in Antigua – 25th June, 2013 

Telecommunications Outage- Barbuda- 27th August, 2013


 APUA Press Statement- 11th April, 2012

Devon Baynes Wheelchair Presentation- 3rd September, 2012

 APUA offers Assistance to Amazing Grace- 17th September, 2012

Solar PV Training- 4th October, 2012

APUA Employee Identification- 17th October, 2012

Power Suppression by APC – 18th October, 2012