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Why has my water bill gone up drastically?

  • Do a check for household leaks. Ensure that your taps are not leaking, that your water pump is not cutting in and out frequently, trace the pipes outside your house for damages and check your toilet for leaks. If you can not find any leaks please contact 211 to arrange for a visit from a crew to test your meter.

Why is my electricity bill so high?

  • Try to incorporate some of our energy saving tips into your daily routine. If you still do not see a change in your bill, contact an electrician to come and do an energy audit on your appliances. This audit should be able to tell you what appliances are drawing the most electricity. Sometimes older appliances tend to use alot of energy, replacing them maybe an option.

Why is my water sometimes discolored?

  • 1) A break in the pipe could result in murky water getting into the system. This water usually flushes out shortly after the break.
  • 2) Rusty pipes can result in discoloured water, APUA is currently replacing all of its old piping with PVC pipes.

Why am I sometimes unable to get water?

  • 1) A break in the line can result in the water having to be turned off until the leak is repaired.
  • 2) During a drought water may have to be rationed in order to conserve already limited resources.

I paid off my outstanding balance why I have not been reconnected?

  • You have to present proof of payment to a Customer Service Representative or a Credit Control Clerk so that reconnection orders can be sent through.

 Why does the electricity sometimes come off during a storm?

  • For as much as possible we try to keep our services on. However nature is unpredictable and the safety of workers, equipment and customers comes first. In the event of a mechanical failure or incident, service must be temporarily taken off to rectify the problem.

There are tree branches dangerously close to my electricity lines. What can I do about this?

  • APUA is responsible for cutting branches that are close to or resting on our lines. Please call 311 and give your information so that a crew can attend to this problem.

Why do you need a landline to have inet internet?

  • inet uses DSL technology. This means that the data is transmitted through the phone line. This does not interrupt voice calls. The use of a phone line means that your internet service is faster, more secure and more reliable.