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Safety first

Everyday APUA linemen are required to carry out various maintenance duties on the electricity network which consists of a series of lines and transformers housed by utility poles. APUA linemen are considered some of APUA’s heroes. These are the staff members who risk their lives daily to ensure that Antigua stays powered. Anything we can do to keep them safe should be of the highest priority. Nailing signage, attaching flyers and other objects to utility poles can affect the safety of the linemen who need to climb the poles. The utility poles are the private property of APUA, and it is illegal to tamper with them. The Authority asks that members of the public desist from using the poles as a place for advertisements.

Another way we can all help to keep APUA workers safe, is to pay special attention to road work or other maintenance work being carried out, which is indicated by orange cones. The cones are meant to signal drivers to approach with caution or to detour. Driving through or around the cones can cause a potential accident by injuring APUA personnel.

Let’s all try to keep our APUA heroes safe by adhering to the safety standards and laws set out to protect them.