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Wadadli Power Plant Documentary

The Wadadli Power Plant was officially commissioned on 8th September, 2011, and since then has been supplying over of the country’s power demand to the national grid. This plant has been quite instrumental in lessening the country’s dependence on Independent Power Producers. Recently, there has been a great deal of debate in the public domain about this asset, and in some cases it is unfortunate that opinions fed by inaccurate information have prevailed.

To assist in addressing concerns that our consumers, and the public at large may have, APUA in collaboration with ABS television has produced a mini-documentary showing the journey, from the project’s inception to completion. The documentary will present factual information about the plant and will give exposure to all the benefits that the country has reaped as a result of this initiative.  Like any other good documentary, this will also be a great learning experience for those who have no idea how a power plant operates.

The documentary features a virtual walking tour of the plant interspersed with interviews from the engineers charged with operating the plant. These highly trained and experienced APUA engineers have been intricately involved in the whole journey.  For a few moments of your TV watching time they will explain the inner workings of this complex bundle of machinery that gives Antigua power every day. Stay tuned to the media for air dates and times.