Water Business Unit

Providing one of Antigua’s and Barbuda’s most precious resources.

The APUA Water Division takes its mandate to provide potable water to the residents of Antigua and Barbuda very seriously. We accomplish this through the careful management of water sources such as ponds, dams, reservoirs, wells and the ocean. We also manage the distribution infrastructure which includes constructing and expanding water mains as well as repairing broken pipes. Our water conservation program has been quite instrumental in pushing the importance of saving our precious resource.

The Water Division exists for the production and delivery of adequate and safe water to the nation for various purposes. It also controls the water systems throughout the entire island. The department takes very seriously its task of ensuring the delivery of clean water in the most hygienic manner, and to promote a harmonious relationship between customers and staff for the delivery of water service.

“Another task that the Water Division takes very seriously is the mandate that it has to ensure that water consumers in Antigua and Barbuda conserve. The Division had launched a public education program under the title “Don’t Waste the Water.” This was a very informative program which had an extensive reach and  begun to change the attitudes of consumers throughout the nation. The Authority also does Water and Energy Conservation Presentations in Primary Schools

To combat the crisis of water supply shortage on Antigua APUA commissioned a Reverse Osmosis Plant at Camp Blizzard in 2007 which produces approximately 600,000 imperial gallons per day. The Authority commissioned an additional plant in 2011 with a similar production capacity at Fryes Bay.

In 2017, the Authority added the Shell Beach Reverse Osmosis Plant to the existing complement which increased the water production capacity on island by 2 million gallons.