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Water Provision in Antigua

Water Provision in Antigua
The APUA Water Business Unit would like to clarify some recent information released regarding water provision in Antigua. Currently, on average, the nation of Antigua requires 5.6 million imperial gallons a day. Sixty (60) percent of the water is sourced from desalination, thirty (30) percent from surface water and ten (10) percent from ground water.
The breakdown of the supply is as follows:
Reverse Osmosis Plants

  •  Sembcorp – 3.1 million imperial gallons
  • The APUA Camp Blizzard Plant – 600,000 imperial gallons
  • The Ffryes Beach Reverse Osmosis Plant – 600,000 imperial gallons

Water Treatment Plants

  •  Delapps Water Treatment Plant – 1.5 million imperial gallons
  • Bendals Water Treatment Plant – 700,000 imperial gallons

Ground Water

  • Well fields – 400,000 imperial gallons

Currently APUA has an agreement with Eneserve (now known as Sembcorp) to produce a minimum of 3.1 million imperial gallons. This agreement was originally signed in 1992 at a time when APUA did not have the technical abilities to operate a Reverse Osmosis Plant. The Authority has since over the past decade been able to upgrade its technical staff and abilities and has installed two reverse osmosis plants. These plants only operate when the need arises. Producing water via reverse osmosis is a costly venture which requires a large amount of electricity. APUA tries to rely on surface and ground water as much as possible given the inexpensive nature of its production. As a drought prone island, relying on surface and ground water often becomes difficult, this creates the need for reverse osmosis.
At this time APUA declines to respond to the recent press statements made by Sembcorp as we are investigating the confidentiality terms of our agreement and will respond in due time.