ST. JOHN’S Antigua, September 15th, 2022 – The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has activated its Disaster Management Plan in preparation for the impending Tropical Storm Fiona.

The following processes have been implemented in preparation for the passage of Tropical Storm Fiona:

  • The APUA Electricity Business Unit intends to maintain power distribution throughout the passage of Tropical Storm Fiona providing weather conditions do not compromise the integrity of the electrical grid or equipment. A crew will be on duty until weather conditions deteriorate. Any disruption in service will be addressed after the storm. Repair work is not carried out on electrical lines during an active storm.
  • Customers are reminded about the proper installation and use of standby generators. Ensure that a qualified electrician installs a transfer switch to isolate your generator from the APUA grid. Never connect your generator to your electrical panel or fuse box or operate inside your home. Also have your electrician check the generator connection to ensure that it does not feed back unto the APUA line, this can cause severe injury to our workers and equipment.
  • The APUA Water Business Unit has activated its storm preparedness plan whereby water is presently being channeled to the various water storage facilities across the island. Persons are also reminded that sea conditions affect our ability to produce water, as such, water production will commence once sea conditions are favorable for our operations.
  • The APUA Telecommunications Business Unit would like to remind customers to unplug modems and other communication devices to prevent damage due to power surges caused by lightning and to avoid using their landline phones during lightning activity. Ensure that mobile phones are fully charged and minimize excessive usage to preserve battery life.
  • Stay tuned to the local media for updates and announcements and follow us on Facebook for other updates regarding our operations.

We encourage all residents of Antigua & Barbuda to adhere to the established safety protocols before, during and after the impending passage of Tropical Storm Fiona. Stay safe!

– END –