Water and Energy Conservation

Educating our children is necessary

The APUA Green Antigua Primary School Conservation Presentation is born out of the Green Antigua Initiative. The Green Antigua Initiative is the conservation arm of APUA because we are the sole electricity provider in Antigua and Barbuda. With that, we have the social responsibility to encourage persons to conserve this resource. It is targeted towards primary school students because they are the most receptive of consumers. The aim is also for them to learn and take it into their homes to influence others to make small changes in their daily routine to conserve energy.

There is also the component of water conservation which is most relevant because we live in a country that is prone to drought. We are seeking to create awareness that this is the reality in which we live. Water is a very precious resource and so we need to conserve and prolong the supply in our households. APUA strives to encourage the public to change behaviours in terms of consumption in the home.

Telecommunications has been introduced to the student through this presentation because inet home and mobile is now at the forefront of our service offerings. In this, we talk about things you can do on the internet and how to be safe online and also the issue of cyber bullying. Children are one of the largest groups of consumers of telecommunications services and it is very important to speak to them about using these services responsively and productively.