Renewable Energy Antigua

Supporting climate friendly energy for everyday life

Renewable energy Antigua, a welcomed addition to the APUA grid. Cleaner, greener energy is now an option for any electricity customer.

APUA’s Interconnection Policy refers to the technical and practical aspects of connecting a renewable generating source to the utility grid/network. The links below contain policy information, application forms and general information on the types of renewable energy connections allowed. For further information or queries please email

Thank you for investing in green energy! Here are the steps you need to take during the process.

  1. Arrange meeting with an APUA representative in regards to installing a renewable energy system.
  2. After this meeting, you are free to submit an application to APUA Customer Service.
  3. The application will go through a credit check. To shorten this process ensure that all utility accounts are up to date.
  4. Any application issues will be communicated within 3 working days. Customer will have up to 5 additional working days to make corrections.
  5. Completed applications will go through an approval process. Notification of approval will occur within 10 business days of receiving  the finalised application.
  6. Approved applicants will be contacted to visit the Customer Service Department to sign an Interconnection Agreement and to pay the application fee. All documents for subsidies and waivers can now be presented to be signed off by APUA.
  7. Upon completion of the installation, customer must send written notification to the APUA Customer Service Department.
  8. Installation will be inspected by APUA representatives.
  9. Passed installations will be notified of the right to operate the facility within 10 working days after inspection.
  10. Congratulations you are now operating on green energy!

(Net-Billing Setup for systems up to 5KW)

Consumers who have renewable energy systems up to 5KW will have a bidirectional meter installed onto their property. The meter will measure the power coming into the property from APUA and also, the excess power sent to the APUA grid by the renewable energy system. The customer is billed, in accordance with published tariff schedule in effect, for the power consumed from APUA. The customer is also credited for the energy exported to APUA based on the avoided fuel cost. The avoided fuel cost, accounts for the cost of fuel that APUA would have used to produce the equivalent amount of energy.

(Net- Billing Set Up for systems 5KW or more)

Customers who have systems in excess of 5KW will be governed under the ‘Buy all, sell all’ net billing system. The Customer pays the Utility, at the published tariff rate, for all of the power consumed. The energy produced by the renewable energy system is then credited to the customer at the avoided fuel cost.

The following persons are recognized by APUA as certified Solar PV Installers. Installers not on this list are not approved to install systems. If you are a certified installer please email your credentials to APUA’s Renewable Energy Engineer Mr. Winston Whyte:

Cleveland Allen Anthony Benjamin Franz Bigler
Amarah Christian Tesfa Francis Andrew George
Cesil Gonsalves- Barriero Gary Gore Patrick Henry
Jace Irish Alfredo Jack Daryl Jackson
Amory Joseph Gavin Marsh Francis Nunes
Angelo Parisi Alexander Raeburn Patmore Richards
Eustace Simon Alex Spencer B.C Trevor Spencer
Oliver Wollard Peter Derrick Randall Pyle
Mateo Marzi Girvan Pigott Lyndon Francis
Alphor Halbrough Bruce Francis Vaughn Browne
Darren Derrick Solar Watts Systems Inc PV Energy Ltd
Stanley Barreto Oret Thomas Victor Meade
Francis Essien