Applying for a Service

Applying is fast and simple

Applying for a new service is simple. Pick up a form at the APUA Business Center on the corner of High St & Independence Ave., Village Walk Mall on Friars Hill road or the South Mall in Jennings, or download the appropriate form from this page.

When applying for a new or temporary water or electricity service an application form must be completed, approved and stamped by the DCA before submitting it to APUA. Please note that three (3) copies of the electricity form and three (3) copies of the water form must be presented along with a valid photo ID and a copy of a utility bill if you had a previous service.

Your application can be made at the Customer Service Department in any of our Business centres. Please note that the customer service department closes at 2:00pm on Fridays, at the Village walk Business center and the APUA Business center.

For further information you can call:
(268) 480-7783
(268) 480-7654
(268) 480-7138