ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, May 1, 2024 – The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is enhancing its efforts to ensure that all renewable energy systems comply with established policies, with a focus on safety and the stability of the national energy grid.


APUA has been overseeing the incorporation of renewable energy systems through the interconnection policy that has since evolved after first being introduced in 2011. In 2015, this policy shifted focus from net metering to net billing which allows customers with renewable energy systems to offset their electricity bills by selling excess energy back to the grid. This initiative caters to different system sizes with two interconnection categories:

  • Sale of Excess: For systems producing 5 kW or less.
  • Buy-All, Sell-All: For systems producing over 5 kW.In July 2023, APUA began an island-wide survey to ensure that all renewable energy systems align with its interconnection policy. These recent assessments indicate that the total capacity of renewable energy systems in Antigua and Barbuda has reached 10.23 MW, entirely comprised of solar power.This policy alignment is crucial for maintaining grid stability, as the variable output of solar energy can affect voltage and frequency, impacting overall power quality. Additionally, unregistered or improperly installed systems can pose significant safety risks, especially during the hurricane season, where power could be fed back unto the grid from these unregistered renewable energy systems.

    APUA’s Renewable Energy compliance campaign will focus on two key areas:

    Grid Stability: Ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality power amidst the variability of renewable energy sources.

    Safety: Protecting technicians and the public from risks associated with non-compliant or unsafe installations, particularly during severe weather events.

    APUA’s assessment has identified a number of unregistered renewable energy systems; to include battery systems, which pose a significant safety risk. Owners of such systems are urged to contact APUA’s Customer Service Department to begin the registration process immediately. Failure to comply may lead to APUA taking lawful measures to protect its employees, customers, and its grid stability.

    For more information or assistance, visit or contact APUA Customer Service at 480-7150. APUA is committed to ensuring that renewable energy systems operate safely and reliably, benefiting everyone in Antigua and Barbuda.