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It’s CARILEC 6th Annual Line workers Rodeo where we anticipate utilities from all over the Caribbean to compete for the championship that’s played in two major categories: the apprentice and the experienced.

Experienced Line workers are trained line workers with 5 or more years experience.

An apprentice is a participant with not more than 4 years of experience practicing as a line worker.

This event is an integral aspect of our Association’s work in Disaster Management as it provides a platform, prior to the commencement of the annual Hurricane Season, for line workers to further prepare themselves and represent their respective utilities, through various competitive pole-climbing events that challenge them to safely demonstrate skills under pressure with agility and accuracy, all of which would be essential in executing post-disaster restoration activities at the national/utility level and should a regional deployment be necessary. Safety practices and behaviours are reinforced under close supervision, and the Rodeo requires the Line worker to bring all of his experiences to bear in a series of tasks that demand safe and efficient execution, in a supportive, mentoring environment, marked by camaraderie and fun.

All are invited to come support the Line workers, cheer them on, support their effort as they work towards achieving excellence for disaster restoration and keeping the lights on every day.

Some of the fun events are: Speed Pole climb: This is where the line worker competes for the shortest time for climbing a 40 feet pole safely and skilfully. Basketball : Line workers play basketball while strapped to a pole Pole Top Rescue, HV Cut-out installation, HV Earth Installation, Hurtman Rescue and A Mystery Event.

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